Empowerment Day – Date & Location TBD

 Empowerment Day – Date & Location TBD

Sales end for this event 3 days before announced date.  All registrants will receive notice once the date and location have been announced.  Follow us on social media for the latest news and updates!

Thank you for your interest in our event!  We will offer the below packages at an in-person event before 2021 concludes.  Details regarding date and location will be announced with enough time for participants to make arrangements to be present.

The following event packages do not include travel & lodging, tickets are for the event only.  Those who choose to take part in Empowerment Day will also be invited to a Q&A with SRI Master Gano Grills.  Please email us at events@galighticus.com for further assistance with event related questions.

Everything listed in all packages below can be done again if you’ve received them before and will have a great benefit for the recipient to receive them more than once.

Please Note:
This event for adults 18 and over.    Please be advised that Galighticus events are divinely orchestrated, therefore, it is impossible to predict exactly when it will end.  We advise those that plan to attend once the date is announced, make travel arrangements that will allow them to stay in the venue for the entire day so if we go over the time listed so you may get all information presented that day.  The Galighticus team reserves the right to refuse entry & issue refunds for tickets at our discretion, however, in most cases store credit for a future event will be issued.  Payment plans are available for all packages and must be fully transacted before the start of the event.

PACKAGE A – $800

Divine Inscription

The Divine Inscription Is a rite that only an Exalted Being can perform. During the days of the last Golden Age that Earth was privileged to see, Lord Thoth/Tehuti gave divine inscriptions to the souls of his students, adepts, devotees, and high priests. On certain occasions, he would even give them to the gods that he had a close relationship with, of which there were many.

This sometimes takes place in the spiritual realm zone of which there are many. One has to achieve a great karmic credit in order to receive the divine inscription. The divine inscription is a celestial energetic signature that is dawned upon the soul and recognized on every dimension, world, or heaven. It is somewhat of a Passport that higher beings would recognize and interface with happily because they know that the wearer is an individual that has received ase’ [Divine signature] favorably

Warning: This rite can cause great emotional travail and release.

Celestial Touch

Celestial touch is a portion of divine energy that is placed in your body by Sri Master Gano Grills. Your soul will take that energy and utilize it to create an arrangement, circumstance or an event in your life when it sees that you deserve it. This will be something that enhances your life in a powerful way.

Khord Kutting

Serves as a way to freedom from old energetic ties that do not serve the divine destiny path of the recipient.

Third Eye Activation

This is different than simply having an open 3rd (or 1st eye as we refer to it at Galighticus).  This activation allows the recipient to connect to higher forms by increasing the available bandwidth of what is conceivable by this energy center within the human body apparatus.



The human body does not generate enough energy to house and cultivate the power of the Golden Chariot all by itself. Therefore we are happy to offer an empowerment day that will give the attendees of this particular seminar a great advantage and a boost. We will have 9 stations that will be manned by our students. There will also be information about these particular energies provided.  Select Galighticus officers/students will be prepared to perform certain tasks for the aspirants of TGC.  This is not required for the Golden Chariot, however, it will give the recipient a boost towards their journey of obtaining the Golden Chariot – Merkaba Light Body if they so choose or you may take part in this empowerment day to enhance your consciousness.


Station 1: Incense smudging/Palo Santo

To diminish any pre existing negative energy housed within the aura prior to this day

Station 2: Chakra balancing Singing bowl

This station will be responsible for balancing and adjusting any chakras that may be out of alignment.

Station 3: Diamond Reiki

It is an important factor in assimilating the higher faculties and codes of the golden chariot.

Station 4: Clearing and Crystal alignment 

This station will be quite helpful in giving the attendee and ancillary way to hold the data that will be given over the next 48 hours of this particular seminar.

Station 5:  Yemaya & Ochun paradosis 

The buoyancy of the human body is regulated by its ability to carefully distribute the fluids from the lymphatic system. This regulates the mood as well as the temperature of all fluidity of the body. We call this [Aqua] aquaas reiki

Station 6: Hathorian paradosis

As a chief deity that dwells within the construct of the Sun, this energy will provide a unique download of Hathor’s essence. She is an integral part of the thematic pantheon and she presides over the solar blossoming that must take place in a successful transformation.

Station 7: Staff of PTAH Solar Reiki

This is an object that houses the powerful energy of the primordial world and will give the attendee the gift of an energetic boost that will remain in the consciousness for 10 lifetimes.

Station 8: Buddha Paradosis w/4 Buddha ring

Connect with the 4 Buddhas and their mystical power

Station 9: Angelic Reiki

Assists with healing the pain frequency



This includes everything in Package A & B at a discounted price of 12% off. 

This is discount is only offered to those who chose package C at check out and will not be given retroactively.


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