Angels, Gods & Altars 2021

 Angels, Gods & Altars 2021

Angels, Gods & Altars Event Description

(Please read carefully)

You do not have to attend any prior event to participate in this webinar.  We welcome all levels of spiritual education. 

The only thing we require is that you come with an open mind and a peaceful heart.


Did you know that the Altar is one of the most important things in your life?  People have bank accounts, investment portfolios, assets, properties and real estate but no altar, then they wonder why something feels like it is missing from their lives.

The altar is your own personal connection to the spiritual world. The spiritual world is hidden from view for one reason; It is too high of a vibration for the human eye to see. Yet and still, the forces of that world rule everything that is seen in this world.   How can that be? Why is that? It is simply because our world is an offshoot of the spiritual world with much less power.

Why hasn’t a conscious relationship been built with that world?

Much of what I have personally seen on YouTube and Wikipedia about the altar is flawed or incorrect. Therefore, many people have a non-working shrine in their home that has no power from the spiritual worlds.  They think it is a working altar, however, this is not the case.  This is the reason why on January 9th 2016, Galighticus hosted the very 1st Angels Gods and altars seminar in New York. It coincided with the birthday of the Jade Emperor, known in the spiritual worlds as the banker of heaven.

According to his mythology, he is the one that controls the currency of money that funnels to our world and other worlds through his own divine account and treasury system.  He has acquired this power by completing 1 billion lifetimes.  The other Gods of wealth interact with his vast knowledge and power.  We will teach you about those Gods.

We have given the most data and ritual that has helped thousands of people become free of their financial burdens, as well as spirit of lack.  This will be the 6th time that we present this powerful webinar, to assist humanity in the struggle to end their financial woes and actively connect with their own root system that comes from their own ancestors.

Did you know that when the Gods see that you ignore your ancestors, they will not be inclined to give you their power. They know that the natural order of things is for humans to connect with their own power source first, which happens to be the ancestral system.  In the underworld there are many blessings and treasures that are bypassed by the willful conscious ignorance of the ancestors. This is ancient knowledge that has been forgotten by humanity, which actually leads to suffering on many level.

This webinar will give a superior education to the attendee so that financial struggle, spiritual ignorance, and divine estrangement are all things of the past.

Please read carefully

Each person viewing the virtual event must purchase their own ticket as this is not intended for group viewing.  Once you receive the login information for the virtual event, there will be no refunds issued.  The email with the instructions on how to access will be sent beginning Saturday, November 20th at 8pm EST.

By registering for this virtual event, Q&A and accepting the Non-Disclosure Agreement you agree to the following:

  1. No recording, screenshotting or screen sharing of the virtual event
  2. No distribution of the virtual event
  3. The virtual event can only be viewed by the person who purchased it/them

You may take any handwritten or typed notes that you’d like, however, audio recording is prohibited.

You are also prohibited from sharing any notes with anyone, including those who have stated they registered for the virtual event.

Benefits of Attending a Galighticus webinar:

  1. Learn about Celestial Beings & how to interface with them in a way you can’t find elsewhere
  2. Sequence and/or Words of Power that will allow you to control more of your destiny (selected packages only)
  3. Connect virtually with your soul family from lifetimes of incarnating on Earth
  4. Empowerment, Expansion, Enrichment & Enlightenment
  5. You have finally found your true spiritual home and Master Teacher to take you from where you are now to as far as you are willing to go
  6. The possibilities are endless when you choose to be taken out of the confines of human limitation.  You are on the precipice of a life changing experience with this Divine event!

Our GALIGHTICUS community has been given many modalities that will assist in the world’s ascension as well as enlightenment.  We are the only community on the planet who has a covenant with 22 of the universe’s most important Divine Beings plus 44 more.

SRI Master Gano Grills is a WORLD CLASS Spiritual Advisor and SRI (spiritual PhD – a title only given by the Gods) Master Teacher to many who are seeking enlightenment.

Thank you for your interest,
SRI Master Gano Grills & the Galighticus Team
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Please Note:

Before attending the webinar, you will be REQUIRED to accept the terms of a non-disclosure agreement at check out. This event is not to be redistributed for sale or otherwise and is only intended for the registrant of the event. Each attendee must register separately, this includes those in the same household.

This event is for adults 18 and over. Time and date is subject to change. We will do our best to notify you via email of any changes prior to the event. Please be advised that the webinar is a divinely orchestrated event, therefore, it is impossible to predict exactly when it will end. We advise those that plan to attend make arrangements that will allow them to attend until at least 10pm if we go over the time listed so you may get all information presented that day. The Galighticus team reserves the right to refuse entry to the webinar & issue refunds for tickets at our discretion, however, in most cases store credit for a future event will be issued.


Please email us at or call us at (908) 516-8404 for further assistance.

On the day of the event:

Check in starts at 11:00 a.m. EST
At 12:00pM EST –  the virtual event will begin and you must agree to the terms and conditions that accompany event registration.

Ticket Packages

General Admission Tickets

  • Webinar Admission

*Early bird pricing expires 10/31/21 11:59pm EST

Diamond Ticket Upgrade Include the following:

  • Selected slides from the webinar presentation
  • 3 Words of Power Exclusive to Galighticus
  • Galighticus VIP goodie bag
  • A general admission ticket must be purchased before the upgrade can be applied

Valhalla Ticket Upgrade Include the following:

  • Everything in the Diamond Package
  • Exclusive Galighticus Angelic Word of Power
  • Odin Attunement to connect with All father Odin’s consciousness (available only at Galighticus)
  • Galighticus Talisman and Artifacts Living Chart
  • A general admission ticket must be purchased before the upgrade can be applied

If you transacted for the Diamond and would like to upgrade to Valhalla, please email

**You must purchase both a General Admission and  upgrade ticket to register for a the upgraded package**

Once you register for general admission, you may upgrade to a Diamond Ticket until 30 days after the event.

Sales end for Diamond Package upgrades 12/21/2021

Any discounts not used at time of checkout will be considered invalid.

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