General FAQ's

No.? Sri Master Gano Grills does a great job at making the information he gives relatable to everyday life.?? If you take great notes at the seminar, you can refer to whatever you do not fully understand as time goes on and your awareness grows.

No.? Just bring the best your consciousness has to offer.? If there is anything you personally feel the need to do to obtain that, then you can proceed to do what you feel is needed.? The main thing to keep in mind is that everyone is on a personal journey.? Allow yourself to come with an open mind, a pen and notepad to take great notes as they will prove to be a great asset as you proceed with your spiritual journey.

A blissfully enlightening atmosphere and top notch spiritual education!? We encourage our attendees to come dressed as best as they can to foster an atmosphere where everyone feels great about who they are presenting to the divine energies present.